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Five Generations of Farming

Smiley's Red Barn is opening again soon and ready for smiley shoppers.

# 5 on the Fruit Loop

Summer is coming! Northwest Cherries and Berries will be ready by the end of May. 

Growing Season

Red Barn

Fruit Loop #5



Opening on May 27th for Season!



Fruit Stand



Upcoming Fruit Season 2016

End of May: Cherries, Berries, local asparagus plus more!

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It's Almost Summer!

We look forward to seeing all of our friends again this season at Smileys! This year, we look forward to an early cherry, peach, pear, and apple season. Please check frequently for updates on varieties.

Smiley's Red Barn opening for season on May 27th!


Because of the warm spring, cherries will be a little on the early side this year!